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All links on this website are affiliate links and ads

All links on this website are affiliate links and ads

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Swatch Palette

by Studio Avante tools/utilities

Adobe ASE Swatch Palettes support for Unity. The easiest way to work with color palettes! Check it out

Arcade Idle Components

by Baranovsky templates/packs

Arcade Idle Components is a set of ready-made components and UI elements that can help speed up the creation of your games. Check it out

Camera Shake FX

by LeastSquares LLC tools/particles-effects

Bring your explosions to life with Camera Shake FX! Easily apply trauma to different objects, such as cameras, on command, giving you full control over the trauma effect! Check it out


by Mazatech S.r.l. tools/sprite-managemen

SVGAssets is a plugin for SVG rendering, supporting some static features of SVG Full 1.1/Tiny1.2; it allows to keep the SVGs and render them on the target platform at runtime, at the desired resolution Check it out

Easter Eggs Cheats

by Crazy Giraffe Studio tools/utilities

Want to add some hidden little secrets to your game? Only few lines of code and your players will be able to discover and use these secrets! Check it out

Wheel of Fortune (Gacha) - Tool for monetization, retention and daily bonus

by Crazy Giraffe Studio tools/gui

Wheel of Fortune will make your game more interesting! Save your time and money using this powerful tool for the best retention! Players can turn the wheel and get a reward! Check it out

Strapi for Unity

by Earthlings tools/integration

Easily connect Unity to your self-hosted Strapi instance and take advantage of Strapi's REST API and built-in authentication. Check it out

Bundle language manager

by OlivaDevelop tools/localization

Internationalize your game by adding this language manager. You will be able to create new languages and delete them, create, edit and delete translations. Check it out


by Cased The Coder tools/gui

Dialogator has been designed to allow the users for creating lineal dialogues in a friendly node-based interface. If your game does not count with decisions, Dialogator is your most valuable allied! Check it out


by Cased The Coder tools/gui

WeatherClock2D has been designed to allow the users for manage the time and weather of its 2D game with a single gameObject and script. Save your development time by using WeatherClock2D. Check it out

Asset Organizer

by Cikoria Studio tools/utilities

Asset Organizer keeps your project clean and organized by automatically moving your assets into folders. Check it out


by Panettone Games tools/utilities

Poseidon is a simple generic Pooling System to implement in your game without making major modifications. Only 3 steps and you're good to go! Check it out

Gen Events

by Panettone Games tools/utilities

Gen Events is a clean implementation of Observer Game Design Pattern utilizing the power of Unity's Scriptable Objects Check it out

Red Point Notify System

by Naughty Cat Games tools/gui

This is a red point notify system, display push notify markers. Used in game projects that need to manage heavy push notify messages. Check it out

StrayTech Camera System

by Strayer Technologies tools/camera

StrayTech Camera System is a professional quality camera solution designed to allow developers to quickly implement and refine a wide array of camera setups and transitions. Check it out

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Link to 221B Asset Street facebook page
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