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All links on this website are affiliate links and ads

All links on this website are affiliate links and ads

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Free 3D Assets for Unity

Tired of searching for free game-ready 3D models of decent quality? Check out this curated list of free and useful 3D models. Check it out.

Toon Temple Minions - Egypt

by Serhat Yucekaya 3d/characters

This package includes Cartoon style egypt moba minions. 3 Different class and 3 different color variations.

3 Special Fx for wizard character. 7 Animations for each character Check it out

Lowpoly Sword Fantasy

by WhitePillsGames 3d/props/weapons

High-quality, customizable 3D models of fantasy swords that are designed with realistic details. Check it out

Low Poly Basic Items Pack - Household Items

by Kabungus 3d/props

Common item models to encorporate into your low poly game! See the demo scene for some examples!

Check it out

Stylized Rock Pack - 8 styles, 3 shapes, LODs, PBR

by Andrii Chykrii 3d/environments/landscapes

Stylized Rock Pack - 8 styles, 3 shapes, LODs, PBR. NOW FOR FREE The pack of multiple rock models with wide spectrum of styles which can build or complete your game environment. Check it out

Lowpoly Beach/Life Saver Pack - Hyper Casual Style

by Metal Games 3d/environments

This pack contains some mixture of beach items, beach characters, sign boards and watersport vehicles to create your beach environment or water related games. Check it out

Industrial Equipment - Electric Motor

by Charles Eudy 3d/props/industrial

Low poly and customizable electric motor and other models. Includes a rotation script for rotating the sprocket and motor shaft. Check it out

3D Low-Poly Swords

by Tridentcorp 3d/props/weapons

Low poly Fantasy-Swords for yours Games projects. Three Stylized swords 3d models, which are suitable for playing in the medieval genre, especially with a cartoon graphics preset. Check it out

Realistic Pine Tree Pack

by Hipernt 3d/vegetation/trees

High-quality Low Poly pine tree package that can be used for survival games and others. Check it out

Special Promotion: Smart GameObjects 30% OFF

by Kitbashery Tools

Smart GameObjects is a real-time visual scripting tool with built-in procedural animation and interactivity capabilities. The perfect solution for quickly iterating on a film or game! Check it out

Halloween Pack | Cemetery Snap

by Mumifier Studio 3d/environments/fantasy

This pack includes a set of ready-to-use prefabs, and over 120+ unique low poly models. You can use this pack to create your special Cemetery scene. Check it out

Low Poly: 3D Vehicles || 6 Cars Pack

by Mowahed 3D 3d/vehicles

Low poly 6 3D vehicles for games like FPS / car driving game. This package includes 6 cars with different functions and colors. Check it out

Rally Cars

by Ash Dev 3d/vehicles

This Package contain 20 Game Ready Rally Cars. Ideal for mobile rally racing games. Check it out

Scene Teleportation

by Boki 3d/props/tools

The whole purpose of this asset is to make the teleportation easy. Whether you want to teleport objects within the same scene or to a new scene, this asset should help you get started in no time. Check it out

+100 Wooden Parts

by M@3#5 3d/props

This Package is made to make some kind of wooden props and be useful for making SandBox Games. you can make prefabs but it takes some time to make new props. Check it out

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Link to 221B Asset Street facebook page
Link to 221B Asset Street Twitter page

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