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Low poly character of a skeleton warrior for your fantasy game. Shield and Sword are included. PBR textures. Mecanim Humanoid Rig. Learn more on Asset Store



Black Latter

 Mosin nagant made to be exgerated end crazy. Textures are in 2048p and 1024p. Polygon Count: Triangles: 23.1k, Vertices: 12.1k. Animations : bolt Animation. Learn more on Asset Store




4096x4096 textures. Works with Mechanim. Сharacter has a humanoid rig. Learn more on Asset Store



Imitation Studios

The Orbital Aiming System is a universal, Mecanim-based aiming animation and recoil system. Compatible with most standard character controllers independent of user or AI control. Learn more on Asset Store



Delthor Games

All parts removable and separated for easier animation and creation of attachment systems. Three color variations. Perfect for developers making an FPS who can't or don't have the time to model AAA assets. Learn more on Asset Store




Pack of soviet houses. 9 Nine-storey houses, 14 five-storey, 2 four-story, 4 wood houses. 3 LODs, standard shader. Colliders. Learn more on Asset Store



SR Studios Kerala

2D Animation Sprite-sheets. Best for 2D, 2.5D Platform games. All characters in this pack come with basic animations including idle, walk, run, etc. Learn more on Asset Store




There are Modular Tiles and you can create Scene with your own Fantasy.This Pack is mainly Top-down Scene and you can use it in Top-down game or any project. Learn more on Asset Store



Alternate Systems

 A dynamic chunk allocated 2D/3D spatial partition grid. Efficiently queries from large numbers of objects in 3D space. Dynamically adjusts for any size world. Learn more on Asset Store




Features: High-quality 4K PNG textures, diffuse, normal, specular, AO map. Low-poly fbx model. Box collider.  Learn more on Asset Store




Netly is a very fast, minimal, extensible, easy/simple and robust abstraction. can be combined with other libraries and frameworks. Create secure chat and communication using it. Cloud deployment. Learn more on Asset Store




The most complete Diablo-esque dungeon crawler system on the store. The system utilizes Scriptable Objects and interfaces to allow you to incorporate these pieces into your own games or to start anew! Learn more on Asset Store



Seagull Entertainment

A professional path finding and navigation solution for Unity. Using the latest research in navigation, it features natural agent behaviour and very fast path finding, even in large and complex environments. Learn more on Asset Store



SR Studios Kerala

Comes with more than 10 unique animations, which include Tail, Grass, Worm, etc. Great for 2D and 2.5D games. Additionally, you can animate your own drawing like a grass, tail or a worm, very easy and in just seconds. Learn more on Asset Store




 Includes 105 uniqie stylized game icons, most of all in 1500 x 1500 pixels and more resolution, all icons are hand-painted in png and have transparent background. Learn more on Asset Store



Worq Studio

A very easy to use yet robust visual programming tool based on the simple logic “IF some event occurs, THEN execute some action”. IFT was built from the ground up with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Learn more on Asset Store



Panettone Games

Makes it easier for game designers to generate colliders while keeping control of the type of collider being used based on the topology of individual meshes i.e. Vertices Count and Mesh Dimensions. Learn more on Asset Store



Philippe St-Amand

Not tied to any specific game genre and is made to be cleanly integrated into any project/architecture with as little friction or bloat as possible. Learn more on Asset Store




Advanced perspective techniques, Super-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (SSAA), oblique orthographic projections as in classic RPG or strategy games (Top-Down, Isometric, etc.), take high resolution screenshots. Learn more on Asset Store



Partish Darji

40+ Primary essential UI buttons with Electric Blue and Pink color background. Learn more on Asset Store



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